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East Coast Ferries
Tel. : (506) 747-2159
1- 877-747-2159
 A FANTASTIC WAY TO VISIT..please see their website for schedule.
Come, sail with Eastcoast Ferries on the DEER ISLAND - EASTPORT, ME and DEER ISLAND  CAMPOBELLO CAR FERRIES
Discover The ROAD OF THE ISLES -- The Scenic Route between New Brunswick and Maine Visitors to Campobello area who wish to continue on to the New Brunswick mainland can save nearly 100 driving miles by hopping on the M.V. ''Island Hopper.'' Save nearly 50 driving miles from the Eastport area aboard the M.V.''Fundy Trail.'' Travelers to the U.S. can enjoy the free ride on the government ferries to Deer Island from L'etete ( near St. George), then on over to Campobello or Eastport with us.